The Lismore Poultry Club was established in 1901 and was named the Lismore Poultry, Pigeon, Canary and Dog Society. The first Club president was Mr Joseph Quility, Merchant Tailor, of Molesworth Street Lismore.

In its early history the club had a very hard struggle because of the shortage of finance. All the wire pens had to be brought in Sydney and transported to Lismore by boat, assembled by the committee the night before the show and dismantled and removed from the hall on the last night.

The first poultry show was staged in July 1903 in the Federal Hall which is where the CentrePoint hotel is now located in Molesworth Street. The secretary at that time was Mr J.W. Maxwell. The 250 coops were loaned from the Poultry Club of NSW and were arranged in four rows the full length of the hall. The judge was Mr E Butcher of Sydney.

Chief breeds exhibited were Wyandottes (golden, silver, white and Columbian), Orpingtons (black, buff and white), Langshans, Leghorns ( a few, chiefly brown), Australian Game (black, reds only), Old English, mainly of the Pitt type known at the period as fighting cock’s with most of the entries in this class coming from Casino.

During both wars the club held shows donating all proceeds to patriotic funds. The club at all times tried to secure the best judges. In the 1030s Mr W Godley, a leading English poultry judge, was visiting Australia and the club at great expense secured his service to judge the show that year. He said that the birds placed before him were of a very high standard and would hold their own in any show.

Shows were staged in various buildings in town before moving to the Showground at North Lismore, first to a building above the sideshow area, then to the old publican’s booth and later to the present pavilion.

During the club’s long history many great Australian poultry judges have adjudicated at the annual exhibitions. They include James Hadlington, Walter and Athol Giles, Joe and Harry Maude, George Cross, Arch Davies, Allan Winchester, Bill Duckworth, C.A. Clarke and George Brauer.

Our Centenary Show in 2001 broke all records. There where well over 1300 entries which included poultry and water fowl. About 100 pens had to be borrowed from surrounding poultry clubs to cater for the large number of entries.


The Club has currently approximately 100 members.

Membership & Show entry fees:

$10 Membership. Show Entry Fee: $1.50 Members & $2 Non-Members

Meetings are held at the South Lismore Bowling Club on the 2nd Wednesday of each month. Starting at 7:30PM. 25 Wilson Street South Lismore.

Lismore Poultry Club Christmas Party 2017

Christmas Party 2017


The current committee are:

President – John Gibson
Vice President – Steve Serone
Club Secretary – Eric Rosolen
Treasurer – John Kendall
Show Manager – Jeff Thompson
Assistant Show Managers – Greg Clarke & Adrian Black
Publicity Officer – Greg Clarke
Auction Coordinator – Greg Clarke

Life Members:

Ross Robinson
John Kendall
John Gibson
Neil Hing
Brian Thompson
Ray Newton